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Mission & Vision

We strive to give our students a superior General and Judaic education that meets or exceeds the standards of the best schools in our neighboring school districts. Our goal is to inspire each child to:

  • develop a life-long love of learning and intellectual curiosity,
  • achieve the highest level of academic excellence of which they are capable;
  • build the skills required to be analytic and independent thinkers; and,
  • become knowledgeable and proud of our rich religious, and cultural heritage.

The Hebrew language is a key to be used to open the door to Jewish practice, culture and history and to make possible familiarity with Jewish classical texts such as the Bible, the Mishnah, the Talmud and the Siddur.

We believe in creating an environment in which basic Jewish values such as: Derech Eretz (ethical behavior), Tzedakah (charitable acts), K’lal Israel (the community of Israel), Tikun Olam (betterment of the world), Kedushah (sacredness), Mitzvoth (commandments), and Tefilah (prayer) permeate the activities of the school and are nurtured in our students.

We hope to foster our students’ sense of Jewish identity, their love for Judaism and Israel and their ability to be active and contributing citizens of twenty-first century America and K’lal Israel.

Our mission and vision are firmly grounded in our successful past. More than eighty years ago, our founder, Rabbi Irving Miller, declared the need for a curriculum that fully integrated Jewish and American values and ideals as a foundation for a successful contemporary life. The continued success of Brandeis Hebrew Academy (formerly known as The Brandeis School) lies in our ability to achieve the highest standards of academic excellence while ensuring a thorough Judaic education geared to kindling the eternal light of Judaism and learning in each child from generation to generation.