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Welcome From Mr. Levin

Welcome to BRANDEIS HEBREW ACADEMY – ברוכים הבאים לבית ספר בראנדייס

I appreciate your interest in providing your child the gift of an education at Brandeis Hebrew Academy. Brandeis Hebrew Academy attracts wonderful families like yours from many neighborhoods of Long Island’s South Shore. For 90 years, we have provided an excellent and enriched General Studies and Judaic curriculum that rivals the best of the local public and private schools. Each of us represents a link in the continuing chain of Judaism. Therefore, each of us is entrusted with the mission to forever perpetuate our Jewish traditions and love for Eretz Yisrael. Starting with our new Nursery Class and up through the 8th Grade, we instill in our students values and skills that will prepare them for bright futures.
We are committed to developing and fostering an emotional and cognitive connection between our student body, their families and our surrounding community. These ties serve as symbolic bridges between the Jewish people, the United States and Israel. Our students are proud to call Brandeis Hebrew Academy their home away from home. Brandeis graduates continue their lives well-equipped to handle the many challenges and opportunities the world has to offer.
At Brandeis Hebrew Academy, the staff, administration and our families work together in an honest and open manner that promotes healthy learning. Helping our students to grow according to each student’s specific needs is a fundamental key to our educational approach. We ensure that your children will always be provided with the latest and best opportunities to fulfill their potential, and will grow according to their individual needs. I believe in honesty, open dialogue, and sharing as the key elements to achieve constructive communication. If you have any questions I will be very happy to hear from you. Come see and learn what makes Brandeis Hebrew Academy unlike any other school. Please visit our Admissions page and take the first step in experiencing The Brandeis Difference.
With a shalom blessing,
Raz Levin
Head of School