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Student Support

Our goal is to provide our students with experiences that will provide them with the ability to develop and grow, inspire within each student academic excellence to move beyond academics to develop visual and performing arts, physical education skills, critical thinking skills, and community service.

Mr. levinWe strive to ensure that every student is challenged, supported, successful, and achieves his/her learning potential.  We employ teaching methodologies that enhance each student’s learning style and pace.  Through this tailored approach, we inspire excellence while ensuring that a range of learning needs is met with available resources from staff coordinators and outside support staff.  Teachers tailor instruction to meet the individual needs of their students. Ongoing assessment and flexible groupings help ensure effective instruction.  Blocked, uninterrupted teaching time is included as part of the school day.

Homework Help is available several times a week for Elementary School students.  Math extra help is available several times a week for the Elementary and Middle Schools.  Math and Science Enrichment is available twice a week for the Middle School. Writing lab is available four days a week to assist and enrich students in Literacy classes.

We employ an array of support staff to support the needs of our students.  Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech Pathologists, Special Education Teachers (Resource Room) and Reading Specialists enter the classroom setting or meet with students in small groups or individually outside of the classroom to support their academic progress.

From the Early Childhood Program through our Elementary School, the Math and English curriculum is reinforced through bi-weekly completion of specialized and skills-targeted computerized interactive programs.