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Welcome From Rabbi Khaskin


Shalom Chaveirim

Rabbi KhaskinRabbi Reuven Khaskin was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. At the age of 19, he made Aliya and spent many years studying Torah in prestigious yeshivas and rabbinical schools in Jerusalem and Melbourne, Australia, receiving his ordination from the Israeli Chief Rabbinate and R’ Goldberg. He has served as a rabbi and educator for over 20 years in the Russian-speaking Jewish communities in New York and Jerusalem, creating meaningful Jewish educational experiences in formal and informal settings.


Combining his passion for Judaism and travel, Rabbi Khaskin organized numerous educational journeys that take young people and adults to places of Jewish interest throughout the world. Currently Rabbi Khaskin is pursuing a Master’s degree in classical Jewish education, an innovative program initiated by the Tikvah and University of Dallas. Rabbi Khaskin is eager to join the Brandeis family and bring his knowledge, passion and experience to serve the Brandeis community.


"My goals for the upcoming year are strengthening Jewish commitment and providing passionate, innovative and personal approach to our beautiful tradition. Jewish values and knowledge of Judaism should become practical tools in our life, giving us sense of purpose and direction- both of which are so scarce in the world of today. Education should help us grow and become better Jews and better human beings. In this context, let me quote the words of the late Rabbi Sacks ז״ל, who puts it so eloquently, 'I want to say to Jews around the world: Take it, cherish it, learn to understand and to love it. Carry it and it will carry you. And may you in turn pass it on to future generations. For you are a member of an eternal people, a letter in their scroll. Let their eternity live on in you.'


It’s my honor and pleasure to address you before the beginning of a new educational year - and during the month of Elul, preparing us all for the new beginnings of the upcoming 5784! May it bring prosperity, insight and spiritual awakening to the Jewish world, and may this wonderful institution grow and accomplish tremendous success! Brandeis is a school which combines tradition and innovation, religious commitment and desire to integrate into the world of tomorrow - now is a great opportunity to accomplish these goals, with Hashem’s help and our investment! Let me assure you that I will do my best to help every student celebrate their Judaism, grow and flourish! I am looking forward to getting to know you all in this upcoming year."


Rabbi Reuven Khaskin
School Rabbi